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The Legend of Princesa - Treasure Hunt Walkthrough - Far Cry 6


The orange box is at The Blue Hole Cave, AGUDA CLIFFS, COSTA DEL MAR.
It's on the island in the north west of Costa del Mar.


"The Blue Hole Cave is a natural geological formation known as a "sea cave", formed by the action of waves against the limestone rock. The jellyfish living inside, whose sting is fatal to most animals, do not exist anywhere else in the world!
The site is also the focal point of the infamous local legend of "La Princesa". According to the tale La Princesa is the spirit of a woman, supposedly a Spanish noblewoman hiding from pirates. Raher than surrender, she swam into the cave with her valuables and drowned in the rising tide, her body trapped forever. They say her ghost will kill anyone who enters the cave to protect her treasure.
Is there any truth to the story? No one knows, but why let facts get in the way of a good ghost story!"

Written Guide below the Walkthrough Video

Jump down into the water and dive through to the first small room in the cave.

Walk straight ahead past the desk and dive through to the second, bigger room in the cave.
In there, climb up to the little camp area. From here, you can dive through again to a third room.

Swim past the jellyfish and climb up on the side where you can advance further up into the cave.
Here is another pool where you can dive through to another room.

Climb up to the top of this room to the skeleton. Look up and you see a grapple.
Throw the rope and climb up. The chest is there.

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