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The Emerald Skull - Treasure Hunt Walkthrough - Far Cry 6


The Treasure Hunt starts at Concepcion Town, Conuco.
It's the building with the big "Dr. Halfmain" Poster.


"It's the Yaran archaeological find of the century. We've never seen the likes of these treasures, a true glimpse into our past, and what does the regime do? They step in and shut it all down. It's a crime. They can't destroy the past, I won't let them.
The government is afraid of Triada? I'm going to give them a real reason.
Dr. Halfmain"

Written guide below the Walkthrough Video

You have to go to a different location. A diamond shaped Treasure Hunt location should now be new in the south west of Concepcion.
Go to this location:

Enter the cave and a Jaguar will attack you. Defeat it and go inside.
Follow the red rope and use the grapple in the bigger cave to get up to the small platform.
Up there, use another grapple above you.

Swing and use the other grapple while swinging to get to the next, higher platform.
At the end of the corridor is the green emerald. Take it and blow up the grenade to get outside.

Travel to the next cave TUREY CAVES, ISABEL STEPPES, CONUCO in the south.

Go inside and defeat the crocodile. At the door, interact with the statue and show the Emerald Skull.
Get inside and defeat the crocodiles. Then go up the right staircase and use the grapple on the ceiling to get to the other side's platform to the statue.

On the other side, interact with the statue and show the Emerald Skull.
Now the statue on the other side, at the staircase will go down and you can show the Skull to this statue too.

The door at the top of the stairs will open and you can climb up to the chest.
There is poison, so best to wear Hazmat Gear. There are two bomb traps. Shoot the purple pots to disarm them.

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