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Ida's Triada Relic - Treasure Hunt Walkthrough - Far Cry 6


The Orange Box for the Treasure Hunt is at LA TRIADA MURAL, MONJAS VALLEY, LOZANIA.


"My name is Elisio Zayas, and I have gone on a journey.
It's a journey that has resulted in the creation of my finest work, a mural - but this creation is more than a collision of shape and color. It is a gateway to a treasure greater than any on this island.
Come to the mural. Walk in my footsteps. If the spirits are kind, you will unlock the hidden power of Ida.
- Zayas"

Written Guide below the Walkthrough Video

Turn right and follow the white graffiti up with the grapple.
From here, climb all the way up to the cave entrance. In case you haven't noticed yet: You can use the vines to climb up, too.

This Treasure Hunt is all about zip-lining, grapple and climb inside a cave.
It all looks the same so printscreens don't help much.
For this, I would suggest to watch the video.

General Advice to get to the Idol at the end:
Follow the red rope
Follow the white arrow graffiti
When there are zip-lines below you, detach at the right time. Makes life easier...

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