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Oku's Triada Relic Treasure Hunt Walkthrough - Far Cry 6


Head over to the Treasure Map Start Area in the east of CRUZ DEL SALVADOR, VALLE DE ORO.
It starts at the entrance to FORT ORO.
Look for an orange box right at the entrance door and interact with it.


"Warning - Keep out!

This estrate has been closed due to unesplained incidents. An investigation is underway to determine the truth behind the rumors of 'Triada treasure'.

Unauthorized entry is strictly forbidden. To get authorization, speak to your supervisor. Since the events only occur at night, access will only be granted during these hours.

Defina, S..

Written guide below the Walkthrough Video

The building is only open at night time.
Go to the dining hall on the ground floor. There are lots of mirrors that burst when you walk past. Exept one. Destroy the remaining mirror and push the button behind it.

A room on ground floor opens and monitors will activate when you enter it.

There is a note on the table saying:
"Short Instructions: Oku's water flows like electricity from the CENTER of Yara, then to the WEST, and finally the EAST"

There are 3 buttons on the talbe in the center of the monitor room.
Press in this order:
Go upstairs and read the note on the piano

The wardrobe moves away, opening a room with the DUNGEON KEY ont the table. The door is at the ground floor.
Go through the Dungeon door until you reach the room with the rats.
Here's a note on the table to read.
You'll get the hint to check out the well.

Exit the room through the wooden barricaded door. Just smash it.
Enter the room with 8 armed dolls, push the red button at the end. You'll see the well blow up through the window.

Exit the room through the doors and grapple your way up to the top. Use the zipline on the roof.
Jump down the well, climb up where the light is.

Look around for the white arrow and follow it up.
You have to use the grapple and swing over to the purple glow.

Read the note.
Take the scary idol.
Open the chest the other side of the water for Oku's Deliverance Leg Gear.

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