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High Supply - Treasure Hunt Walkthrough - Far Cry 6


The Treasure Hunt is between Hideout Songo and FND 2nd Armored Division at Lozania
The orange box lies next to a dead body close to a high mountain.


"I'm a True Yaran and you know what happens when a True Yaran messes up? They own it. So what if I called in a super-important air drop on top of the mogote? I'm a True Yaran and a True Yaran climbs to the top of that mountain and finishes the mission!
So what if I broke my arm on my first try getting to the air drop? A True Yaran doesn't feel pain, they just get back up on that mountain.
So what if I broke my leg on the second try? I will not be stopped. I am a lion! Here we go, third try!
Also, I am so happy I found this orange box to keep this note in. Not only will it keep the rain off my letter, but it makes it easier for others to find and be inspired by my story to perseverance!"

Written Guide below the Walkthrough Video

Obviously, you have to start climbing the mountain right behind the body.
Follow the path up and the red rope / yellow painted climbable rocks.
There are two special areas, where climbing is tricky and have to be mentioned.
1) Inside the cave, there is a big gap with water down below. You can't jump over. Use the climbable yellow painted rocks instead.
2) Right at the top, when you see the red meshing, destroy it with a granade or a launcher to be able to climb up.

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