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And the Beat goes on... - Treasure Hunt Walkthrough - Far Cry 6


Head over to the Treasure Map Start Area between the town of SEGUNDA and HIDEOUT MONTUNO at CRUZ DEL SALVADOR.
It's at the entrance of a cave.


"Friends, this is it, the end of a f****** era. Marquessa finally shut us down. They came in halfway through my set, sticking guns in everybody's faces. Nobody died, but if you left any belongings in there, forget it, Shit, even my paquete is stille plugged in at the booth. That's life, si?
- DJ Bliss"

Written Guide below the Walkthrough Video

After reading the note, enter the cave.
General advice: Climbing is less buggy when the weapon is holstered.
There is a locked door you have to go through but it doesn't have any power.
Grapple swing to the power switch and turn the power back on.

Be careful. The electricity comes and goes rhythmically from now on. So be careful when touching water....
Now the door is open and you can get through. At the end of this little room, you can climb up.
Now there are a couple of climbs coming. Always follow the red rope.

Climb all the way up and you'll reach a room.
At the back of it there is another climb up where you have to switch sides sometimes.
Also this climb was buggy for me when the weapon was not holstered.
Try to find the right spot to "JUMP" just by looking around.

At the top, follow the path to the grapple spot.
Grapple and go down. Swing to safety.

In this new room, go up the stairs and climb up to this little area. There is a Hidden Histories Colletible you don't want to miss in the shelf it's "Maximas Matanzas: Yaran World Tour #4"
Then, look up. There is a new grapple you can use on the ceiling. Now time your swing to avoid the electricity to swing on the other side onto the ledge.
Then, go up to the DJ room and pull out the USB Song "AY LOLA "LA FIGURA" to finish the Treasure Hunt.

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