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Revolution - Story Quest Walkthrough

Dying Light 2 > Story Quests

1 - Talk to Alberto / Go to the water tower for the explosives.

Talk to Alberto at the Bazaar and go to the Water Tower.
At the Water Tower, talk to the survivor.

2 - Find the transport / Clear the square of infected / Talk to the surviving guard.

Follow the marker on the map to get to a door that is swarmed with zombies.
Kill the zombies and talk to the man inside.

3 - Search the crates in the yard / collect the explosives

The crates you have to search are marked. The zombies will only respawn when it's loud.
There are 8 crates to search.

4 - Bring the explosives to Alberto. / Go to Cillian's hut. / Search the hut for the fertilizer.

Go back to the Bazaar and talk to Alberto.
At Cillian's hut, pick the lock of the backdoor to get inside.
The fertilizer is inside the locker. Pick the lock to get to it.

5 - Meet Alberto near the windmill /Plant the explosives in the marked locations. / Report back to Alberto

Follow the marker to meet Alberto.
There are Inhibitors and the Tapes Collectable "Turn on the Power" in this room.
Next, you need to plant 3 explosives at the windmill.
There are plenty of hiding spots if you don't want to fight the guards.
Go back to Alberto when you're done.

6 - Plant the explosives at the top of the wind turbine / Return to Alberto

Now, Alberto will give to a ticking bomb. Reach the top before the time runs out.
It does not make sense to cover this with screenshots. If you're not sure how to do it, check the video at 24:26.

7 - Defend Alberto / Help Alberto

Fight the PK and help Alberto.

8 - Tell Vincenzo about his father / Drive the Peacekeepers from the Bazaar.

Return to the Bazaar to fight the PK.

9 - Free the survivors / Defeat Anderson and her unit.

Free the locked up survivors on the ground floor and on the top floor.
Then, defeat Anderson.

10 - Talk to Vincenzo / Go to Hakon's hideout.

Vincenzo is in the outside safe area of the Bazaar.
Then, meet Hakon at the hideout.

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