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Orders - Story Quest Walkthrough

Dying Light 2 > Story Quests

1 - Talk to Lawan / Deliver the orders to the PK outpost.

Go to Lawan and talk to her. Then deliver the orders to the Culvert Island Outpost.

Nah, that's not done yet. We need to deliver some more.
Next stop is on the highway. Deal with the Renegades and talk to the person in the container.

Fight some more Renegades and talk to the soldier again to get your new destination. The Hotel high up.

2 - Find the outpost commander

Stay high up on the Freeway for a while until you can run onto a small truck and cross the road over to the hotel on top of the lamps.
You can take the winch on the other side.

Fight the Renegades and free the PK's.
Don't forget to pick up a Collectable on the second floor  - The Central Loop Clear and Hold (Mementos)

3 - Talk to Lawan

Lawan is outside of the 3rd floor. Talk to her to finish the quest.
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