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Markers of Plague - Story Quest Walkthrough

Dying Light 2 > Story Quests

1 - Meet Hakon at the Hospital

Make your way to the hospital. Stay on the roof tops to avoid the Howlers.
The hospital entrance is blocked. Facing the blocked door, move to the left to get to the bus Hakon mentions.
Walk through the bus to get inside the hospital.

2 - Follow Hakon / Craft Lockpicks / Unlock the doors

Follow Hakon after meeting him inside the hospital.
Good thing, there is the marker. Otherwise you could get lost very easily.
Hakon will stop at a locked door, where you will get the lockpick blueprint and learn how to lockpick.
Lockpicking works like in most games these days. Move one pin in a location and then the other one to see how far off you are.
Then keep following Hakon.

3 - Go deeper into the hospital / Follow Hakon

You enter the hospital with Hakon, where Aiden has another flashback.
After the chat with Hakon, follow him again. Sneak past the sleeping biters. Look for the Eye Symbol on objects. It's the Symbol for hiding spots.
Deeper in the hospital Hakon jumps onto an elevator cabin. Of course the elevator is not stable and you fall a floor down with it.
And again, your Stamina is too low to climb back up so you have to go down to find an Inhibitor to level up your stats.

4 - Find a white and green GRE crate / Return to the elevator shaft

Open the elevator cabin escape hatch to get inside. After the cutscene enter the hospital floor.
The crate is behind the blocked door so you have to sneak your way around it to get to it. Look for hiding spots (Eye Symbol). The zombies won't see you there. Wait until the moving zombie moved passed to move forward.
After the flashback in the corridor, enter the room with the GRE crate. It's at the back next to the blocked door.
Use the Inhibitor to level up your stamina. Unblock the door and go back to the elevator.

5 - Regroup with Hakon / Run outside to the sun

Climb up the elevator shaft and jump over to Hakon's floor.
There are a lot of nice items to loot on this floor so don't hurry, even though Hakon tells you to.
After he gave you the Biomarker you need to be fast.
You only have a limited time to run outside to the sun because of your infection.

6 - Talk to Hakon / Use the Binoculars to mark a Windmill & the church

Talk to Hakon to finally get the binoculars.
Use them to stare at a Windmill. The square in the center needs to get small.
Do the same with the church to the right.

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