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Welcome on Board - Story Quest Walkthrough

Dying Light 2 > Story Quests

1 - Report to the Peacekeeper's headquarters.

Go to the PK FLoating Fortress at The Warf,

2 - Report to the dispatcher. / Talk to Jack Matt / Talk to Meyer.

Talk to the dispatcher. She's right at the entrance of the insides of the ship.
Jack Matt is at the top above the officer's quarters,
Then, go back to the dispatcher and afterwards visit Juan at the bottom of the ship in his quarters. But he's not there...

3 - Talk to Juan at the Canteen / Talk to Lawan

Go to the Fish Eye and talk to Juan.
After the conversation, head to Lawan's house.

4 - Get to the art collector's apartment.

The art collector's apartment is high up at the top level of a skyscraper.
Time to use those Paragliding Skills!
Best starting point is the top of the Fish Eye Canteen.
If you land on the roof, the entrance is blocked for Story reasons. Let yourself drop onto the balcony to get inside.

5 - Find valuables for Juan in the apartment

Find interaction points with a magnifying glass. There is one at ground floor and one in the bedroom.
Don't forget to pick up the Collectable Tape "Be Fruitful and Multiply"

Get on top of the Piano and use the lamps to get to the upper floor.
In the bedroom and read the message for Jessica.

In the other room, read the note on the desk and then listen to the phone's answering machine.

6 - Search the roof / Take the liquor.

Now pick the lock to the roof and go up.
Investigate the person sitting in the chair and take the alcohol.

7 - Attend Danior's party (Optional)

Talk to Danior and Lawan at the Fish Eye.

8 - Talk to Juan again.

Juan is back in his room at the PK Floating Fortress.
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