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Nightrunners - Story Quest Walkthrough

Dying Light 2 > Story Quests

1 - Go to the military antenna / Activate the antenna

First, meet Frank in the Fish Eye. Then, reach the top of the antenna and activate it.
If you're struggling check out the video starting at 05:05.

2 - Go to the second antenna

The second antenna is at the military airdrop. All you have to do here is to turn on the generator.

3 - Go to the old offices on Garrison Boulevard

They're is a collectable right when you enter the building. The Memento "The (end of) Times issue #2". A cutscene will start as you enter the offices downstairs.
Then, fight the Renegades.

4 - Meet Hakon / Fight Hakon / Find Hakon

Go to the church where Hakon wants to meet. Of course it's in Renegade Territory. Figures...
You can use the front door entrance no climbing necessary.
Decide what to do with him. I didn't kill him.
Search for Hakon in the church: He's hiding behind one of the doors above the entrance door side, not the altar side.
Up there are two doors. It's the one to the left.

5 - Talk to Frank at the Canteen

Return to the Fish Eye.
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