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The Breakthrough - Story Quest Walkthrough

Dying Light 2 > Story Quests

1 - Get to the canteen / Bring Juan to the meeting / Meet up with Juan

After the bombing, get back to the Fish Eye Canteen, where you have a conversation with Frank.
Pick up Juan at the bar and go upstairs for the meeting.
After the meeting, meet with Juan in the lower part of the canteen.

2 - Chase the Renegade van!

Get up to the nearby roof by ladder and winch/lift.
From here you have to chase the van by gliding / climbing and running.

3 - Continue the chase.

When you lose track, go to ground level and take the winch/elevator to the roof again.
Chase the van to the Renegade hideout.

4 - Find a way to your ride to the Stronghold.

Climb inside the hideout.
From this point, the Epilogue starts - The end of the game.
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