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Todoroki Boxing Gym - School Stories Walkthrough

How to start this story

Follow the already accessible stories of the Dance Club, Robotics Club and the Ijincho Hounds.
In Chapter 4 earliest, after dealing with the Ijincho Hounds and winning some competitions for the Robotics Club, you will be contacted by Amasawa and introduced to the Todoroki Boxing Gym.

Go to Todoroki Boxing Gym

Go back to the MRC and question Amasawa then head to the Boxing Gym in Yokohama town.
Talk to Todoroki and learn how to fight.

Spar with Iwashita

Talk to Todoroki and win against Iwashita.

Spar with Oshikiri

Talk to Todoroki and win against Oshikiri.
Fight him for 3 Rounds.
Then ask Todoroki about Oshikiri.

Continue the Boxing Gym Investigation

You now have to get stronger by either keep sparing or paying the coach for lessons.
Spar until you get a cutscene of Oshikiri leaving the Gym.
Tail and defend him.
After that, go back into the Boxing Gym and Amasawa will call.

Enter the Gym again and continue your training.
After 4 training sparrings, you can take on Onidake.
Deafeat him and go for a drink. Talk to him outside when you're ready.

Enter the Gym again and spar with the new opponent. But after that there are no new ones left.
Leave the Gym and she will contact you about new information.
Meet her at the MRC.
Back at the Boxing Gym ask Todoroki about the Genbukai.
Now there are 3 fresh sparring partners to train with. Just the right amount you need for the next fight.
Then, you have to defeat Sakuma aka Chizuru the Lancer  in a match.

Get drinks with Sakuma. He's at the Bar district. There is a green folder marker in the western part of  town, over the river.

This story takes a break at Chapter 4 and can be resumed at Chapter 6.

Go back to the Gym
Win sparing with 3-1  or 3-2. A cutscene will start.
Spar again but this time against the one you haven't yet.
After the next cutscene, CHECK OSHIKIRI AT HIS JOB.
Go to the Smile Buger Food Truck in the north west of town.

Talk to him, then go back to the Gym.
You'll get to fight Kozo Wakita in a Showdown.
Beat him and spar against the one you haven't sparred yet.
Win and leave the gym.
A cutscene with Amasawa starts.
Go back to the gym.
Fight Takeru Mikimoto in the Showdown.

He will be over the river at the bar district - in the same bar as before.
Go back to the gym to train.
Sparing Partner 4.1 is now available. If not, continue with the story and come back later.
After Sparing you can now fight YUM WOON SEN.
Win the fight and Amasawa calls. Meet and talk to her at school.

Return to the Gym.
Beat CHIZURU THE LANCER in a rematch.
Leave the Gym and re-enter to continue.
Fight Todoroki
Leave the Gym to get a call from Amasawa. Go meet her at the MRC.
After the cutscene, go back into the Club Room and tell Amasawa that you're ready.
Pick a disguise in the Items menu of your phone.
Fight Honda outside.
Fight Kenya's Dad.


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