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Extracting the Truth - Side Case Walkthrough

Where to get this case:

Return to Iyama after closing the "Extracting the Past" Case.

Deliver the Roses to Iyama

Iyama needs one rose to help him and Professor Yoshikawa with their research.
You can buy them at "Flowers 2 Go" in the northern part of Yokohama.
Give him the rose.
As reward, you will get the Extract Recipe: Willow Snake.

Deliver the Garlic to Iyama

Iyama now needs garlic.
You can buy it in the same park but a different shop.
It's at the "Hero's Harvest"
Give him the garlic.
Reward: Extract Recipe: Rushing Tiger

Deliver the Four Leaf Clover to Iyama

Iyama now needs one Four Leaf Clover.
Head back to the flower shop. They sell them.
Give it to Iyama.
Reward: Extract Recipe: Dancing Crane


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