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Takayuki Yagami: Evil Detective? - Side Case Walkthrough

Where to get this case:

Solve a couple of cases and return to the Yagami Detective Agency at Noon Time.
There are some men standing in front of your Agency.
After the cutscene, you can search for the name Yagami on the Buzz App.


Open the Buzz app on your phone and search for "Yagami".
Look through the posts and you will get some more words to search for: "Threaten", "Fraud" and "saw".
Follow the Yagami Buzz to the Champions District, where you have to conduct interviews.

A cutscene will start as soon as you enter the District.
If not, you have to walk around in the district until you see a blue case folder at the district map (see map screenshot above).
Then, leave the district and re-enter to start the cutscene.
Approach the Old Man.
Put on a Disguise to slip past the Old Men.
Go to Bar Tender as indicated on the map and talk to the Barkeeper.
Back at the Office Look of Cues about the Phony:
- Examine the Meal
- Examine the Beers
- Examine Bag of Potato Chips

Back outside, call Detective Dog through your phone app.
Follow him and he leads to to the fake Yagami.
Defeat him.


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