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All SMG Weapons Blueprints

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List of all SMG Blueprints in Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

October 2nd 2019
Work in progress

Bullpup PDR

Bullpup PDR -  Overview Maps

The Bullpup is in the Driftwood Area at the Driftwood Islets Tesing Zone.
It's on ground level.

Bullpup PDR -  Location Screenshot

Bullpup PDR -  Details

Flycatcher's P90

Kill Flycatcher in the "Hear No Evil" Main Mission to get his weapon blueprint

Flycatcher's P90 SMG -  details


MP5 SMG -  Overview Maps

The MP5 is in the Liberty Area at Maunga Nui Eco Park.
It's inside the house.

MP5 SMG -  Location Screenshot

MP5 SMG -  Details


MP7 SMG -  Overview Maps

The MP7 SMG is in the New Argyll area at Outpost Black Tiger.

MP7 SMG -  Location Screenshot

It's next to the rocket launcher.

MP7 SMG -  Details


Reward for the "Firepower" Side Mission in the Channels Region.

MPX SMG -  Details


P90 SMG -  Location Overview Maps

The P90 is in the Good Hope Mountain region at a Behemoth Defense Area.
It's on top of the tower.

P90 SMG -  Location Screenshot

P90 SMG -  Details

Scorpion EVO3

Scorpion EVO3 SMG -  Location Overview Maps

The Scorpion EVO3 is in the Windy Islands Region at the Auroa Recycling Factory.
It's in one of the buildings in the center at ground floor.

Scorpion EVO3 SMG -  Location Screenshot

Scorpion EVO3 SMG -  Details

Scorpion EVO3 CQC

Reward for Panther Lvl 10

Scorpion EVO3 CQC SMG -  details


SN-9mm SMG -  Location Overview maps

The SN-9mm SMG is in the Infinity Area at the Infinity Transport Hub.

SN-9mm SMG -  location screenshot

It's inside an office, top floor.

Sn-9mm SMG -  Details


UMP SMG -  Location Overview maps

The UMP is in the Fen Bog Area at Longford Farm.
It's on the roof of the office building.

UMP SMG -  location screenshot

UMP SMG -  Details


Vector SMG -  Location Overview maps

The Vector is in the Cape North Region at the Behemoth Defense Area.
It's on top of the tower.

Vector SMG -  location screenshot

Vector SMG -  Details

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