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All Muzzles Attachment Blueprints

Ghost Recon Breakpoint > Attachments Blueprints


List of all Rails Blueprints in Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

Available at start:
- Rail Cover

October 2nd 2019
Work in progress


ATPIALx3 Rails Attachment - Location Overview maps

The ATPIALx3 Rails Attachment is at the Composite Factory at Smuggler Coves.

ATPIALx3 Rails Attachment - Location Screenshot

It's at ground floor in one of the production buildings.


MAWL-DA Rails Attachment - Location Overview maps

The MAWL-DA is in the Liberty Area at Liberty Airport.
It's in one of the hangars.

MAWL-DA Rails Attachment - Location Screenshot

MAWL-DA Rails Attachment - Details

Range Finder

Rails Finder - Location Overview maps

The Rails Finder is in the Channels Area at the Behemoth Defense Area.
On top of the Tower.

Range Finder - Location Screenshot

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