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List of all Shotgun Blueprints in Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

October 2nd 2019
Work in progress


KSG12 Shotgun -  Location Overview maps

The KSG12 is in the Infinity Area at Skell Security.

KSG12 Shotgun -  location screenshot

When looking at the map, it is upstairs in one of the buildings to the east of the tall building.

KSG12 Shotgun -  Details


M4 Shotgun -  Location Overview maps

The M4 is in the Restricted Area 01 at the Behemoth Defense Area.
It's on top of the tower.

M4 Shotgun -  location screenshot

M4 Shotgun -  Details


RU12SG Shotgun -  Location Overview maps

The RU12SG Shotgun is in the Liberty Area at the Eternity Center.
It's inside the building in one of the rooms downstairs.

RU12SG Shotgun -  location screenshot

RU12SG Shotgun -  Details


SASG12 Shotgun -  Location Overview maps

The SASG12 is in the Restricted Area 01 at Camp Ferret.
Confusing camp...
Enter the building at the main entrance, then find the stairs.
You have to use the stairs twice to get to this room.

SASG12 Shotgun -  location screenshot

SASG12 Shotgun -  Details


The Reward for killing Silverback in the Main Mission.

Silverback's KSG12 Shotgun -  Details

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