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All Scopes Attachment Blueprints

Ghost Recon Breakpoint > Attachments Blueprints


List of all Scopes Blueprints in Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

Scopes available from the start:
- Panoramic Sight
- RU Long-Range FOV Sight
- Dual Range Sight
- Folding Ironsight
- COMPM4 Sight

October 2nd 2019
Work in progress


EXPS3 Scope -  Location Overview maps

EXPS3 Scope Details

The EXPS3 Scope is in the Restricted Area 01 at Freeman Residences.
It's outside of one of the houses. - A nice neighbor is standing in front of the box in the screenshot.

EXPS3 Scope - Location Screenshot

RU Collimator Sight

RU Collimator Sight -  Location Overview maps

RU Collimator Sight Scope - Details

The RU Collimator Sight is in the Infinity Area at the Auroa Airport.
It's in the center of the airport, outside in the open.

RU Collimator Sight Scope - Location Screenshot

RU Long-Range Sight

RU Long-Range Sight Scope -  Location Overview maps

RU Long-Range Sight Scope - Details

The RU Long-Range Sight is in the Cape North area at the Campus Data Farm.
It's on the roof.

RU Long-Range Scope - Location Screenshot

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