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All DMR Weapon Blueprints

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List of all DMR Blueprints in Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

October 2nd 2019
Work in progress

426 Scout

Reward for Field Medic Level 10

426 Scout DMR - Details


FRF2 DMR - Location Overview Maps

The DMR is in the Whalers Bay area at the Land Chassis Factory.
It's on top of the biggest building.
There is a staircase inside that leads all the way up.

FRF2 DMR - Location Screenshot

FRF2 DMR - Details


G28 DMR - Location Overview Maps

The DMR is at the Restricted Area 01 at the Training Center.
It's at ground floor in one of the training baracks.

G28 DMR - Location Screenshot

G28 DMR - Details

G28 Scout | Wolves

Faction Battle Rewards - Tier 3

G28 Scout | Wolves - Details


MK14 DMR - Location Overview Maps

The MK14 is in the Seal Islands area at the Abandoned Barracks.
It's in one of the bigger buildings at ground floor.

MK14 DMR - Location Screenshot

MK14 DMR - Details

Scorpio Scout

Sharpshooter Level 10 Reward

Scorpio Scout - Weapon Details

Scorpio Scout | Quiet

Scorpio Scout | Quiet Weapon Details

Given at start.


SVD-63 - Location Overview maps

The SVD-63 is in the Lake Country area at the top of the tower at the Behemoth Defense Area.

SVD-63 - Location Screenshot

SVD-63 - Details

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