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Through the Looking Glass | Side Case | Complete Walkthrough | The Sinking City 2019


June 28 2019

Pick up the side mission after finishing the "A Delicate Matter" Side Quest from Robert Throgmorton.

1 | Throgmorton Manor

When finishing "A Delicate Matter" and accepting the "Through the Looking Glass" Case, Mr. Throgmorton will give you the Key from Francis' Study.

It will open the door upstairs.
Inside the study, activate "Mind's Eye" and approach the box.

It's a hidden safe.
Pick up the document that's inside.

- Private Correspondence

Pick up the framed picture as well.

- Torn Photo, Left

Talk to Mr. Throgmorton, then go to the Asylum on the map.

2 |  Asylum

At the Asylum, talk to the receptionist. She will give you the key to the downstairs room.

Go downstairs and enter the room at the bottom of the stairs.

Take the photo on the shelf unit.

Evidence picked up:
Torn Photo, right

Go over to the bed and pick up the notebook.

Evidence picked up:
Bethany's Note

Activate Mind's Eye and look at the wall with the picture.

Go close enough and you can activate it.

Leave the room and enter the Rift.
There are 3 scenes that need to be arranged.

Arrange the visions, starting from the one in the room close to the bed, then the other one in the room and last one is the one outside the room.

Evidence Collected:
Bethany's Next Step

Next, find out where "Randall Glassworks" is

3 | Oakmont City Hall

Head to Oakmont City Hall in Advent and use the Archives like this:

Evidence: Bethany's next step

Subjects -> Enterprises
Period -> 19th Century
District -> Salvation Harbor

Evidence Picked Up:
Randall Glassworks (Address)

4 | Randall Glassworks

Head over to Randall Glassworks

After defeating the monsters, head upstairs. A man will unlock the door, talk to him.

Deal with the "thing in the basement" and talk to the man again.
You now get the "Rusty Key" for the basement room.

Enter the room. Pick up the letter on the table.

Evidence picked up:
Search Warrant

Pick up the diary on the other table.

Evidence picked up:
Randall's Diary

Activate "Mind's Eye" and look at the broken mirror, and see the vision

Picked up Evidence:
Cracked Mirror

5 | Police Station

Head to the Police Station and use the Archives like this:

Evidence: Search warrant

Crimes -> Complaints
Subjects -> Suspects
District -> Salvation Harbor

Picked up Evidence:
Mirror-Maker's House

6 | Mirror-maker's House

Head to the Mirror-maker's House.

Start upstairs in the far back room.

Pick up the Occult Tome

Occult Tome

At ground floor, go to the stack of letters and use Mind's Eye.
Look towards the wall. There's a hidden passage.
When you go close enough, it will open.

Look at the Mirror and the mini-coffin.
Activate Mind's Eye and follow the ghost down the basement to a secret wall again.
Go close and it will open.

After the fight with the monsters, go inside.
There is the mirror and a coffin.
Touch the mirror and go back up.
There is a Rift at ground floor.

Enter the rift and put the events together in following order:

First the one at the top floor.

Then, the one in the basement.

Last one is the one at ground floor.

Evidence collected:
- Bethany's Ritual

Shoot the small mirror in the room at ground floor.
Then go to the basement.
Either let her keep the mirror or take it.

Return to Mr. Throgmorton

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