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Fishermen's House | All Evidence | Grimhaven Bay | The Sinking City 2019

FISHERMEN'S HOUSE - All Evidence Collected

June 28 2019

This Building is part of the "Frosty Welcome" Main Quest.
Coming from the "Charon" Ship, meet Robert Throgmorton at the City Port after arriving in Oakmont.
He tasks you to find his son Albert. Then you can search the Fishermen's House for evidence.

Evidence 1 - Will Hammond's Testimony

Enter the Fishermen's House and go upstairs.
Talk to the fisherman standing there.

Item: Pocket Watch on bed

Go into the small bedroom at the back of this main room with the Fisherman.
There is a pocket watch on the matress.

Pick it up in "Mind's Eye" mode.

You will see a round blob in the center of the pocket watch.
Rotate it until you see the "hold x" prompt (PS4).
Hold "X" and you will see a vision from the past.

Big Vision / House Brawl Evidence

Go back to the main room.
Here you see a vision gate.

Enter it.
There are 3 vision events blue shiny blobs in this area.
1 in the room with the pocket watch.
One in the center of the community room and one by the window.
As you approach them, you'll see what happened there.

When you get close, each will have a question mark.
All you have to do is put those events into the right order by selecting them with "X" (PS4).

Correct order of events

It starts in the bedroom with the pocket watch. Select this as first event.

Go to the event at the center of the big room. This is event 2.

The third event is by the shelf next to the police man.

You will receive the "House Brawl" Evidence in the Case Book.

Use the "Mind Palace" to combine the infos and form deductions.
Combine the one with the blood and then you know that "Albert fled when wounded"

Activate Mind's Eye to see it.

You can now track Albert with Mind's Eye.

Go downstairs and activate it under the broken wall.
The ghostly creature will point into the direction you have to go.
Follow it to this location, where you find evidence...

Look at the bullet.

All Key Evidence collected at the Fishermen's House.

Continue to follow the creature in Mind's Eye to this house.

This is the Warehouse

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