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The Best Laid Plans | Treasure Hunt

February 15th 2019

The Treasure Hunt note is on the other side of the Broken Tears location.

Follow the mission marker and enter the container. From here you can grapple one up.

From here use the next grapple point. Up there, swing and detach into the wagon. Then continue on the other side.

Use the grapple there. Get to the top. There climb over the debris to the other side and use the next grapple.

Use the next grapple while still on the rope to get to the center piece of the bridge. Here, balance via the center beam to the other side.

On the other side, use again grapple and while still on the rope, another one.

Still on the rope, again use the next grapple and climb up on the other side. Here's the stash.

To get down again, just use this last grapple to lower yourself and jump into the water at the bottom.

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