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Rescuers Go Under | Treasure Hunt

February 16th 2019

The Hunt Starting at Misery Falls, west of "The Pantry" Outpost

First Grapple up the mountain until you get to the hole / cave in the floor.

Go down the cave into the water and dive through to the next area.

Inside the cave with the campfire, follow the grapples up to the shiny cave.

Follow the shiny path, and then through the water to get to the stalactite grapple. Here you can swing to the other side. If you fall, don't worry. You can climb up.
When you continue to follow the path, you will break down through the floor into the water below.

Swim all the way past the cars, under the car to the climb spots. Climb up where the loot box and the letter is and jump over to the car to release the back breaks. Now the car goes down into the water and you can use it to climb up to the stash.

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