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Spider-Man: Miles Morales - All 4 Greenwich Underground Caches

All Underground Caches in Greenwich

This is our complete Greenwich Underground Caches Guide.
There are 4 Underground Caches in Greenwich.
Written by: Avi Pitfield  (Camzillasmom)
Maps compiled by: Avi Pitfield  (Camzillasmom). Click maps to enlarge.
Screenshots provided by Sony Interactive Entertainment

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This Underground Cache is on the roof at the eastern border of Greenwich.
It's inside a fenced off area. Pull open the door with R1 + L1.


The Underground Cache is in the Underground Hideout at the south east.
On the roof, use gear of the crane to lift the cargo up (R1 + L1) and block the gear with L1.
Now you can go down below. Here, pull a scaffolding with R1 + L1 to access the Cache.


The Underground Cache is in the center area of Greenwich.
It's inside a Roxxon garage. Pull the gear with L1 + R1 and block it with L1 to get inside.


The Underground Cache is in the south west of Greenwich.
It's at ground level in some garage entrance. But the passage is blocked by some boxes.
Melee smash the boxes to get the the Cache.

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