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Chapter 1 - All possible choices with or without consequences - Part 2

All Choices - Chapter 1: Side A
The choices are numbered by order of appearance. Starting with the chapter number divided by a point. E.g. 1.16
The choice itself has two or more choices. Those get letters A), B), C)
Choices with consequences are marked in yellow


Location: Rooftop
A) How's your jaw?
B) Silent treatment?


Location: Rooftop
Alex: I...
A) Hidden cooler?
B) Did you rehearse that move?


Location: Rooftop
Gabe: I guess I never realized.
A) That I'm a crazy person?
B) That I can kick your ass?


Location: Rooftop
Gabe: When I pulled you off Mac, and you hit me, I was angry. But then I thought about how you took him apart. Like you've done it before.
A) I fought a lot.
B) Didn't you go to juvie?


Location: Rooftop
Alex: I want to talk to Gabe. But what  can I even say right now to explain what happened with Mac?
A) Tell him about the past.
B) Tell him about your power.


Location: Rooftop
Gabe: Do you really believe that?
A) Wouldn't you?
B) Today I do.


Location: Rooftop
Alex: Then I look at you. You've got a home, a job, a girlfriend. You've got it all figured out. And I don't.
A) Is that for me?
B) I don't need a light.


Location: Rooftop
Gabe: I could never bring myself to use the last one. It reminded me how bad life got. And how much better I was gonna make it.
A) I can't take this.
B) Thank you...


Location: Rooftop
Gabe: You made it out of the system, Alex. You survived. It's time to move on.
A) Maybe you're right.
B) It's not that simple.


Location: Rooftop
Gabe: Well? What do you think?
A) I love it.
B) I'm rusty.


Location: The Mines
Ryan: Wow. Been a while since I was up here.
A) Why don't you come here?
B) How worried should we be?


Location: The Mines
Ryan: You okay?
A) No.
B) I'm okay.


Location: The Mines
Ethan: Go back. You'll get hurt!
A) Not without you.
B) Won't get hurt.


Location: The Mines
Alex: That's fine. That's okay. Let's talk about what comes next.
A) Gabe is our anchor.
B) I've got really good balance.


Location: The Mines
Ethan: I'm still really scared.
A) Nothing to be scared of.
B) Me too.


Location: The Mines
Ethan: Do you think the log will beak?
A) I've got you.
B) It's stable.

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