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All possible choices with or without consequences - Chapter 1 - Part 1

All Choices - Chapter 1: Side A - Part 1
The choices are numbered by order of appearance. Starting with the chapter number divided by a point. E.g. 1.16
The choice itself has two or more choices. Those get letters A), B), C)
Choices with consequences are marked in yellow


Location: Haven Bridge
Gabe: What's the protocol for reuniting with your long-lost sister after eight years?

A) Hug.
B) Handshake.


Location: Haven Bridge
Gabe: Are you ready to see the town?

A) Let's do it!
B) I'm nervous.


Location: Flower Shop
Riley: What would you do?

A) Be honest.
B) Be clever.


Location: Flower Shop
Gabe: What do you think?

A) Sunflowers.
B) Lily-of-the-valley.


Location: Flower Shop

A) Put on Sunglasses.
B) Leave alone.


Location: Haven Main Street
Ethan: She's looking for the scepter, but I think she'll need the bangle of vanishing to get to it.

A) Vanishing, my kind of power.
B) I prefer the Fire Ring.


Location: Haven Main Street
Ethan: Ah man, I shouldn't have told you that.

A) No, it's cool.
B) Promise you'll be careful.


Location: Record Store
Alex: Oh. Uh... (Pick one of the records)

A) Unicorn Sandwich.
B) Zombie Parade.


Location: Record Store
Ryan: So, all the way from Portland, huh? What do you think of Haven?

A) Still deciding.
B) Cool so far.


Location: Record Store
Alex: Wow. That's...

A) Different.
B) Nerdy.


Location: Record Store
Listening Station

A) Listen
B) Leave alone


Location: Record Store
Drum Kit

A) Touch
B) Don't touch


Location: Record Store
Alex: Wait--- is that the hold list? (What to do with the cat)

A) Move
B) Scare


Location: Record Store
Ryan: So, what's the prediction? What do you think Gabe listens to these days?

A) Banjo dubstep.
B) Acapella screamo?


Location: Record Store
Ryan: You've gotta tell me what was Gabe like as a kid. Any ammunition you can give me?

A) Dork.
B) Bad ass.


Location: Record Store
Ryan: Are you okay?

A) Never better.
B) Better now.


Location: Record Store
Gabe: Speaking of! My two favorite people in my favorite place. What have you guys been up to?

A) Talking about birds.
B) Checking out the place.


Location: Haven, Main Street
Alex: He trusted me to keep his secret. Should I? Or should I blow his cover?

A) Tell Gabe
B) Keep Ethan's Secret


Location: Haven, Main Street
Jed: Your bother's full of sh**, you know that? He just about wet himself waiting for you to get here.

A) Just about?
B) Same.


Location: Home
Gabe: Don't sound so surprised.

A) Best you could do?
B) It's really nice.


Location: Home
Gabe: And the best part is, it's actually yours. I'm mostly staying at Charlotte's now.

A) What do you mean, mine?
B) I love it.


Location: Home
Gabe: It's just... You look a lot like how I imagined you'd be.

A) You're still you.
B) Didn't expect the beard.


Location: Home
Gabe: I can't. It's too late (while dancing).

A) What even is that?
B) Go get 'em.


Location: Home
Gabe: Your turn.

A) That's all you.
B) Here's how it's done.


Location: Home
Desk Drawer

A) Check it.
B) Leave it.


Location: The Black Lantern Bar
Charlotte: So what's it doing today?

A) Falling.
B) I don't know.
C) Rising.


Location: The Black Lantern Bar
Charlotte: I heard Ethan gave you an issue of his comic. He obviously thinks you're really cool.

A) Cooler than Gabe?
B) He's a great kid.


Location: The Black Lantern Bar
Jed: Gabe tells me you've worked at a restaurant before. Couple years' experience as a server?

A) Go with Gabe's story.
B) Come clean.


Location: The Black Lantern Bar
Diane: I moved here from D.C. six months ago. How you finding the small town thing?

A) Kinda bizarre.
B) Kinda perfect.


Location: The Black Lantern Bar
Alex: I've got an order from Duckie and Diane

Correct Order: Cheeseburger with mushrooms + Pie special with fries.
This is important for the Server Performance consequence

Choices 1
A) Burger with mushrooms
B) Cheeseburger with mushrooms
C) Burger without mushrooms
D) Cheeseburger without mushrooms

Choices 2
A) Pie special with fries
B) Pie special with mushrooms
C) Pie special with onion rings.
D) I forget.


Location: The Black Lantern Bar
Steph: No, it's character stats. Do you know what a LARP is?

A) Of course.
B) Remind me?


Location: The Black Lantern Bar
Steph: Would you ever want to join us sometime?

A) I'd give it a try.
B) Not much of an actor.


Location: The Black Lantern Bar
Steph: Ryan and I were going to play. You want to take his place?

A) You're on.
B) No thanks.


Location: The Black Lantern Bar
Steph: Play the Jukebox Game.

A) You win
B) You lose
C) Don't play


Location: The Black Lantern Bar
Steph: How was it? (The shot)

A) Fantastic.
B) Really bad.


Location: The Black Lantern Bar
Alex: Found Duckie's Whiskey? (see screenshots where to find it)
A) Yes.
B) No.


Location: The Black Lantern Bar
Duckie: Many thanks, Alex.
A) My pleasure.
B) Put in a good word?


Location: The Black Lantern Bar
Mac: Can I talk to you real quick?
A) No way.
B) What do you want?


Location: The Black Lantern Bar
Mac: Listen. What happened upstairs was f***** up, right? From both of us.
A) Mainly you.
B) What's your point?


Location: The Black Lantern Bar
Mac: Riley's headed over here. She's pretty heated. I don't think it helps to recap all the gory details, you know?
A) You want me to lie?
B) You're awful.


Location: The Black Lantern Bar
Riley: Oh god, were you there, too?
A) Call out Mac's Bulls***
B) Avoid Further Trouble


Location: The Black Lantern Bar
Pike: I'm Jason Pike, the deputy sheriff. I'm gonna have to take you in for questioning.
A) What about Mac?
B) Am I under arrest?

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