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The Lost Tomb of Otorongo | Walkthrough

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This mission unlocks when all 5 tombs are solved.

It's in the town of Quya and the mission starts on top of a skyscraper. There are no levers here. 5 sockets are below on ground floor and 5 heads are clearly visible around you.

Head #1 is on top of a skyscraper.

Here's where all 5 heads are.
Pull them down with Tether and use following setup to guide them to the slot if needed:

As soon as the head is down, configure your grappling hook to:
- Air Lifter (loadout "high")
- Upgrade your loadout B Mods (do more missions to upgrade) to:
- Helium: Gas
- Armor: Indestructible
- Locomotion: Guided

Then, tether 3-4 Airlifters onto the head. With the Locomotion: Guided on, you can steer the head now with your center aim. It goes when the center of your screen is. If the head gets stuck, just point up a bit and it lifts up.

Now guide all 5 heads into one slot. Release tethers when they're near and use the Retractor to put them into the slot.

As soon as the tomb opens, find a car - with at least 2 seats and tether the Sarcophagus to the car. Then drive to the extraction point.

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