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ALL TREASURES & GUIDE | Uncharted 4 | Chapter 9 | Those Who Prove Worthy

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- 9 -
Those Who Prove Worthy

Right at the entrance, you can find Treasure #27.
You'll have to do a gravel slide-jump and some climbing to reach the first Puzzle room.
Here you need to fill the bucket and put it into the machinery.
The bucket must be on top, the crosses aligned like they were in the Avery Grave.

Exit the room. Treasure #28 is here.
Continue to follow the path until you need to reach a broken bridge.
Treasure #29 is here.
Let Sam use the broken rope ladder to climb up.
He'll throw down a box. Use it to climb the wall.
Now climb up, follow Sam through a narrow corridor into a tomb. After some more jumps and climb, there is a cutscene with Rafe.

After the cutscene, there is a tomb area. Treasure #30 is here.
Then, use the rope point and lower yourself down, so you can swing underneath the wall.
Go through the little opening on the wall and push down a box.
Use the box to climb up.

You should now reach the broken bridge. Treasure #31 is here.
There is another passage. Follow it. It leads to a room with a broken bridge. On the right side, on the other side, there's a box. Use the rope on it and swing across to the box.
Treasure #32 is here.
Move the box further up in the room so its as close to the gap as possible
Use it to Walk - Swing the wall and reach the ledge.

Next is the second test area. Puzzle, if you like.
Climb to the center to get to the big seesaw. Get on it.
Go forward and Sam will help you to get to the other side.
Move the box onto the seesaw. Then jump down and climb with Sam up on the other side.
Continue your way to the next chamber.

Next is a hostile area. A lot of shooting, hasty climbing. Follow Sam, he seems to know the way...


#27 Lantern Mounted Flintlock

Right at the start of chapter 9. Go to the left and climb down. There is a little cave.

#28 Strange Pendant

After the Bucket & Crosses Puzzle, instead of going down the staircase, let yourself fall down straight ahead. Climb to the rope point and swing over to a little cave.

#29 Amatory Box

After the Bucket & Crosses Puzzle, you soon reach the area with the broken bridge and the box. Climb down from there.

#30 Pewter Box

In the tomb area, after the cutscene with Rafe & Nadine. There is a little room with the Treasure in.

#31 Memento Mori Skull Watch

After the tomb, you reach the broken bridge. Climb down right next to it. It is on a ledge.

#32 Scottish Tipstaff

When reaching the big gap, swinging over connecting to a box. The treasure is here next to a basket.

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