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ALL TREASURES & GUIDE | Uncharted 4 | Chapter 8 | The Grave of Henry Avery

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- 8 -
The Grave of Henry Avery

In Scotland, at the start, find Treasure #16 and Treasure #17.
Then jump, slide and rope yourself down to the first camp. Treasure #18 is here.
Then find the dynamite. It is not far from a shut door. Blow it up with the dynamite.
Hostiles heard that and will arrive in a bit.

A bit further up, there is a big yellow box. This box needs to go into the room of that door you just blew up. To do that, blow up that door next to the yellow box too. Then pull the box into the said room to climb up to the roof.
Treasure #19 is here.

There is a rope point up there. Use the rope and swing onto the ledges on the other side. Climb up. There is another rope point up there. Use it with the rope and swing to the ledge to the left.

At the top use yet another rope point to swing into the opposite direction and grab a ledge. Climb up. Sam will help you. At the top, slide down some gravel. Stop and right onto the next gravel with a jump to the ledges at the bottom.

Climb to the left and you'll see 3 hostiles. You can drop on one and then do a team attack with Sam on the other two.
This is a hostile area.
The path continues on top of this camp / building. There is a ledge you can climb to the right.
At the top, use the rope point (R1) to swing to the ledges on the other side.

On the other side, slide down and get rid of the hostiles.
Get past the two gravel slides (see video) and you're in the next big area with pillars and ruins.
Pick up Treasure #20 here.
Climb up the bridge and swing to the big entrance door of the graveyard.
Treasure #21 is here.

In the graveyard, Avery's grave is far in the back at the cliffside.
Enter the grave. Treasure #22 is here.
Light up the lamp at the back of the crosses and adjust the lights. Pics in following order:
Jesus (center), Dismas (left), Gestas (right)
Now you can open the door in the back. Leave the crypt, fight the hostiles and leave through the big wooden door at the top.

Next is, again, a lot of climbing to reach the said cave. Jump on the stones until you reach a rope point again.
Swing over and you encounter hostiles. Treasure #23 is in this area.
Further up, a jump over the gap, is Treasure #24 in another cave.

Go up and help Sam to reach the broken ladder. He'll disappear and then build a rope point on the other side. Use it to climb up.
Use the same rope point to access some ledges on the other side. You'll have to swing a bit.
Climb until you're hanging on a pole. From there swing down on a gravel slide with a rope point at the end. Use it to get to the ledges on the other side.

Climb up to the left and use the rope point to swing over the wreckage.
Let go and you'll land on a gravel slide. Jump off at the end onto a ledge.

Climb to the right. The ladder will break but you'll get a rope point. Use it to swing onto some wooden frame.
Climb up to the right. Sam will help you get to the top.
Treasure #25 is here.
Continue the climb to the hostile area. Get rid of the hostiles and use the rope point at the top.
Go through the cave and Gravel Slide - Jump onto a ledge

Use the rope point to get up. On top of the pirate's cave: Jump down on the planks to get to the staircase.
Treasure #26 is here under the staircase.
Then follow the path up. When you're out enter the cave and open the big door.


#16 Redware and Silver Jug Flask

At the start, up the hill. There is a little gap. The treasue is lying on the floor

#17 Bronze Boar

At the start, downhill in a little cave next to the cliff

#18 Carved Wood Kashkul

In the camp there is some equipment at the cliff. The treasure is behind.

#19 Carved Nut Bottle

In the first camp, after you climbed up the roof with the crate, there is a little gap blocked with boxes. Blow those away with dynamite and get the treasure behind.

#20 Traveling Inkwell with Seal

After the two gravel slides. The area with the pillars, bridge parts and ruins. There is a little cave on the right side at the edge of the cliff.

#21 Carved Ivory Vanitas

Before you enter the cemetery with the big wooden door. Climb up next to the wooden door to reach the roof.

#22 Scottish Ha'Penny

In the main chamber of Henry Avery's grave there is a little corridor with a statue. The coin is on the bottom of the statue.

#23 Slipjoint Clasp Knife

After the grave, you climb up to the cave. After a rope point, in the area where you meet hostiles again the first time after the graveyard, there is a little cave to the left. You'll find the treasure in there.

#24 Pewter Singing Bird Box

In the same area as #23, just higher up. Jump over the gap to reach the cave.

#25 Tortoise Shell Snuff Box

When you get up to the first cross, go to the left and climb down to the area, where Sam went through.

#26 Persian Tailoring Scissors

In the pirates' cave. Where the ship wreck is at the bottom. Under the staircase.

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