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ALL TREASURES & GUIDE | Uncharted 4 | Chapter 6 | Once a Thief

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- 6 -
Once a Thief

First, you need to get into the buidling.
Follow Sam through the forest until you reach the bridge.
Treasure #7 is here.
Throw a rope and swing yourself onto the ledges to the left. Climb the ledges to the left, until Sam tells you to climb back over him, so he can throw his rope. Follow him again till you reach the branch, where you can swing yourself onto the wall.

After a cutscene, climb up to the lemon orchard. Treasure #8 is here.
Then follow Sam into a building. The door is locked. But you can throw a rope and swing outside of the window, where you swing yourself once more to the left to get onto the wall. Drop down and follow the path. The next climb point is about half way straight ahead.

Climb all the way up. At the end, Sam has to throw his rope again so both can climb up onto the balcony.

End-to-end climb video:

In the building, pick up Treasure #9 and Treasure #10.
Then follow Sullivan downstairs to the big locked door. Then steal the key card from the guy with the wine to get inside the cellar.

In the cellar look for Treasure #11 and Treasure 12.
Then push the big barrel in the back in so you get deeper inside the wine cellar. Next bit is confusing. Check out the video.
In the darkness, find the big barrel that you can push or pull. Pull it all out. Then go around it and use the path that was blocked by that barrel. At the end of the path there is another barrel to pull out. It will open a window to the left corridor. Go through it. In the next room, pull the barrel under the ventilation entrance, climb up, get inside.

Follow the vent, until you're back outside.
When Sam left you, climb up twice on a wooden climbing grid on the wall. You should then get a "look" option (L3), where Nate spots the Power Room. Now you know where to go.

From where you see the power room, jump from roof to roof and climb up the building to the right to reach the bottom of the power room.

After the cutscene, continue climbing up to the power room.
Treasure #15 is here.
Use the poles to get to the outside wall and climb up through an open window.

End-to-end climb video:

In the power room, wait until the men leave. Then go to the power switch. After a cutscene, find a crowbar in one of the boxes and open the gate with it.


#7 Mughal Water Container

Before you reach the bridge, it is at the cliff side.

#8 Nephrite Brass Cup

At the house near the lemon orchard.

#9 Viking Cloak Clasp

In the same you that you climb in to meet Sully.

#10 Mother of Pearl Horn

On the balcony, before following Sully down to the cellar door.

#11 Persian Bronze Bowl

In the cellar, at the beginning next to some piled food.

#12 Brass Barber's Bowl

In the cellar, under the stairs.

#13 Syrian Vase

After exiting the ventilation with Sam, the treasure is on a roof.

#14 Persian Candlestick

After exiting the ventilation with Sam and he lowered the ladder. Climb up, cross the bridge and climb up the roof. Jump to the balcony to the right.

#15 Mughal Dagger

When climbing the poles under the power room.

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