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ALL TREASURES & GUIDE | Uncharted 4 | Chapter 21 | Brother's Keeper

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- 21 -
Brother's Keeper

Follow Sam's Footsteps,
use the rope points
to climb after him.
You'll find Treasure #105 next to his first Footsteps.

Use another rope point and
swing to the ledges to get up.
On the other side is another rope point
Use it to swing over and discover another set of footprints

Continue your climb,
past an old camp,
another rope point,
another set of footprints

Enter the mountain,
cross the bridge,
do a slide jump,
and slide down, after a bridge collapses under your feet.

Slide down, use the rope point at the bottom and swing to the ledges.
Up there is a little passage to a cave in the cave
Treasure #106 is here in a box
Continue your climb up.

Continue climbing and use the rope point.
Swing, let go and connect to the next rope point while in free fall.

Swing over to land...
Slide and jump over to the ledge...
Now connect to the rope point and swing over to some more climing while enjoying the view to Avery's ship
Treasure #107 is here.

Now a set of frustrating slide jumps...
try to stay on the right for the first one...
At the end use the rope point to safely land in the water.
Treasure #108 is down there.
Dive through two gaps to continue.


#105 Mughal Enamal Bird

Next to Sam's first footprints. Use the rope point to swing up to it.

#106 Stone Vase

After the two bridges and a little climbing, you will reach a cave in a cave with boxes scattered around. The treasure is in one of the boxes.

#107 Strange Fruit

When you see Avery's ship the first time, use the rope to swing to a little cave at the ceiling

#108 Rajasthan Box

Down in the water area, before the chapter ends, in a dark corner.

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