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ALL TREASURES & GUIDE | Uncharted 4 | Chapter 20 | No Escape

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- 20 -
No Escape

Before you climb to the ships. Get Treasure #100
Climb over to the ship graveyard,
a long hostile part is ahead
fight and evade until you meet Sully.
You will then get to a first village part.
Then push the cart in position to climb to the next area.

Climb out of the warehouse to the skyrail area.
Have a look around, until Sam asks you to help him.
Jump over to the platform
Pull the skyrail.

Climb up and swing over to Sam
then climb over to Sully.
In the next housing area there are Treasure #103 and Treasure #104


#100 Jade Flower Pendant

Before swinging over to the ship, jump onto the pillar in the opposite direction. Climb up.

#101 Stoneware Bearded Jug

In the village in the house under the staircase.

#102 Stout Jade Vase

Before you use the cart to climb into the warehouse, go inside the water and climb inside the house from there.

#103 Painted Spouted Vase

After the skyrail. Upstairs in a house in the second housing part (where the cart is)

#104 Mughal Perfume Bottle

After the skyrail. There is a house with a broken corner. Climb inside.

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