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ALL TREASURES & GUIDE | Uncharted 4 | Chapter 19 | Avery's Descent

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- 19 -
Avery's Descent

Follow Nadine's footprints,
also going through the first puzzle,
until the footprints end at a cave in.
Climb up the pillar to continue.

Get to the room "The hands that stole from me".
Passed the gibbets and the mummies
to the shortcut pointed out by Elena.

From here climb into the "The Hearts that hardened against me" room.
Passed more mummies... slide down...
...and meet a single mummy
Treasure #98 is here.

From there find the room with the flare and jump down.
Now just follow the footsteps to a hostile encounter.
After that get to the "The mouths that spoke ill of me" room.
Follow the path to the big metal door. Take the key and the letter.
Move on to the big statue.

Get to the hole in the floor, jump down
There's a creepy mummy down there. Treasure #99 is close.
In the next room, use the previous letter to get across.
Watch the video if you struggle.
Move on, open the gate with the key and free yourself by swinging and grabbing the saber


#98 Ancient Stone Vessel

Next to the single exploding mummy, there is a little cave.

#99 Mughal Decorative Cudgel

Follow a corridor at the "Creepy Mummy".

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