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ALL TREASURES & GUIDE | Uncharted 4 | Chapter 18 | New Devon

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- 18 -
New Devon

Go to the gates of New Devon, where the cages are hanging.
Climb over the wall
to the other side,
Treasure #92 is here.
Then swim through a window of a house.

Get into the next building
Get out and
reach the dragon sigil, Condent's house.
There you can jump out into high grass
Hostile encounter awaits.

Now it's time for the hostile encounter and get into the car.
For the exit drive through the river.
The Exit is on the other side.
To get to the other side of the bridge, drive up the river
There is an opening in the river to drive up.

Go through the cave and out again on the other side.
Climb down, through the window and swim across
On the other side, up stream, there is a rope point use it to climb up to the box.
Treasure #93 is here.

Push the box down.
Back downstream, pull the box on land and
push it to the wall.
Climb onto the roof, until it collapses and you slide into the water again.
Treasure #94 is here.

Swim through a window and climb up and through the house...
Treasure #95 is here...
... through the fireplace...
back out again through the window
Until you reach the canons.

Get inside the building.
There jump into the stream to get to the other side.
Get onto the beam to jump onto the wall.
Over there jump again into the stream to climb the wall on the other side to get up.
Now just push down the bookshelf so Elena can join you.

In Tew's house find the Pirates' last dinner.
Climb out of the house,
up the stairs
to the next big building.

Get into Avery's house
Climb up until you reach the door to the next area.
Defeat the hostiles, then go through to Avery's office.
Treasure #97 is here.
Find Sam's Lighter on the floor.

The passage opener is on the globe in the center.
Go down the stairs and open the closed gate.


#90 Mughal Stout Vase

At the entrance to New Devon. It is on the left side on the floor.

#91 Small Mughal Dagger

At New Devon entrance. The treasure is in one of the cages.

#92 Mughal Candle Holder

After jumping into the water off the Town Entrance. Swim to the left to the tree.

#93 Mughal Circular Box

After you pushed down the box, look over the river to the other side. It should bling in the corner of this green patch below.

#94 Mughal Headdress

After the slide from the roof of the house, you'll land in water. Don't go through the window of the house yet. The treasure is under water in the outside corner of that house.

#95 Spanish Brass Chalice

After you swim into the window, climb up the house into the bedroom. Leave the bedroom and go to the right. It's a room with a lot of sofas. It's behind the one in the far back.

#96 Mughal Painted Elephant

After the pirate's dinner, climb up to the next building. Before you enter it, find it nex to some canons.

#97 Mughal Dinnerware

In Avery's office, up the staircase.

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