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ALL TREASURES & GUIDE | Uncharted 4 | Chapter 17 | For Better or Worse

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- 17 -
For Better or Worse

Help Elena with a boost up. Treasure #84 is up there.
Climb and jump your way down. Elena knows the way.
Help her with a boost again at a ladder. But now this one breaks...
She's throwing down a box. Pull it to the pillar with R1.
Climb up.

Cross over the log and bridge. Treasure #85 is over there.
You will slide down and climb up the wall again.
Elena will activate the elevator to help you climb up.
She will rescue you from the hostiles at the top.
You can now reach Treasure #85.

Now it's time for the hostile encounter and get into the car.
For the exit drive through the river.
The Exit is on the other side.
To get to the other side of the bridge, drive up the river
There is an opening in the river to drive up.

Drive on until you reach the first elevator.
Use the winch on the pillar of the house, not the lever. Now climb into the buiding.
Treasure #86 is here.
Push the box to the wall
Climb over to the water wheel. Climb it to get to the other side.

Start the elevator, take care of the hostiles.
At the top is Treasure #87
Drive on till you get to the wild river. Cross it at the top to get to the other side.
Get to the Sluice Gate
Climb up there on the left side. There is a rope point
Open the gate.

Drive on, speed drive over the broken bridge
Continue your drive until you see a ladder. Treasure #88 is here.
Drive on to elevator #2. Treasure #89 is here.
Get on the elevator and have a great chat with Elena.

Open the elevator and continue the drive.
Drive over the bridge so it collapses.
Swing to safety at the waterfall
Climb up with Elena's help.

Climb your way up to New Devon.
Use the cages when needed.


#84 Mughal Flared Vase

After climbing up the ladder that Elena lowered. Climb up. The treasure is in the dead end.

#85 Mughal Hinged Box

After the slide, climb up to meet Elena again on top. You can reach the treasure there.

#86 Jade Serving Bowl

At elevator 1, climb into the building and go to the balcony.

#87 Ancient Stone Bowl

After the elevator shootout with Elena in the car. On top, next to the car there is a wooden crate. Walk around it. Treasure is at the back.

#88 Pewter Incense Burner

After the broken bridge car jump, Drive on. You should see a ladder soon. That's "The Elevator Keeper Person's" house. It's inside.

#89 18th Century Combination Lock

At elevator 2, climb up to the mechanism. It is sitting on the wheel.

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