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ALL TREASURES & GUIDE | Uncharted 4 | Chapter 14 | Join Me in Paradise

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- 14 -
Join Me in Paradise

At the start there is Treasure #71, in the little village, there are Treasure #72 and Treasure #73
To get out of here, go through the house behind the statue
Exit through the back window and find the entrance
to the Underground Hideout.

Exit the hideout with the ladder.
Treasure #74 is here.
Find the well and climb down with the rope.
Swing to the roof of the house.

This is an encounter area.
After the fight, find the rope point high up to get to the high building in the middle.
There, jump down,
Find your way to the next house to jump over
And then climb the poles to get to the next house.
Treasure #79 is here.

There you have another enemy encounter.
After that find the ladder in the building. Sam will help you.
Climb over the gap, jump down and open the wooden door.
Climb up and use the rope point at the top to swing over to the big building.
Treasure #76 is to the right.

On the other side, you can go through a window to the left
Swing over with the rope point. Treasure #77 is here.
Swing across the other building
And go through the gap in the wall to slide down to the big hall.
Treasure #75 is here.
Go through the door / opening in the wall.

Follow the corridor until you reach the atrium.
Treasure # 78 is here.
Go to the entrance and pull the lever.


#71 Carved Horn Bird Sculpture

At the beginning of the chapter. Don't jump down. Climb up to the right.

#72 Mughal Vase

There's a code of conduct stone in the center of the village. This treasure is in the house to the right of it.

#73 Ancient Stone Pot

At the prison building in the locked prison cell. You can access it through a hole in the other cell.

#74 Painted Copper Bottle

After exiting the Underground Hideout, there is a dead end to the right.

#75 Stout Vase

In the big admin building / treasury hall up the stairs to the right.

#76 Slipjoint Claspknife

After you swing over to the big treasury building go to the right, drop down at the ledge. There you see the rope point. Swing over into the house. The treasure is on top of a box.

#77 Large Bronze Boar

After reaching the big building, you need to swing over with a rope point. Swing over, go to the left inside the building.

#78 Mughal Serving Vase

At the treasury atrium.

#79 Mughal Jade Bottle

After the first hostile encounter at the cliffside, you climb over to to the high tower in the center. After that you will drop down into a house with barells on the wall and a document on the table. The treasure is in the next (broken) room, before you continue by jumping to the next house.

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