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ALL TREASURES & GUIDE | Uncharted 4 | Chapter 12 | At Sea

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- 12 -
At Sea

Sail to the island with the tower.
Climb the tower and interact with it.
Get down and find the tied up skelleton on the other side. Treasure #53  Treasure #55  Treasure #56 and Treasure #57 are nearby.
Also Treasure #54 is on the neighbor island with the ship wreck.
Then follow the arrows to the main island. Stop at the pillar.

Climb up the pillar and get across.
Treasure #59 is here.

The Entrance is blocked. But you can climb up into a gap to the left.
There, lift up the blockage with Sam
Go through, climb up and closs over the beam.

There is a bridge. On one side, you can lift Sam up a ladder.
The bridge collapses and you can climb up. Jump over until you reach the roof of one of the arch buildings.
Treasure #60 is here.
Then climb over and reunite with Sam.

Attach the rope to the rope point.
Swing out towards the sea, onto the pillar below.
Climb up and use another rope point to swing to the other side.
There you can climb up the pillar.

There is another rope point. You'll have to swing and wall walk to climb that little green patch to the right
There you can climb up.
At the top, there is a tower. Treasure #61 is inside.
Climb up the tower and rope swing over. Get Treasure #62 before you slide down to the cistern.
Treasure #63 is here.
Use another slide and the rope point at the end to get to a gap in the wall.
Treasure #64 is here
Use the next rope point to climb all down.

Down in the cistern, get Treasure #65.
In the cistern, take your time to investigate the documents in a small room.
Then go over to open the big wooden door.
Interact with it and go through with Sam.
Here you'll face the Steering Wheel Puzzle

Head back to the lookout tower island to look through Avery's looking glass...


#53 Combination Lock Tobacco Box

On the main island. Stop at the beach. Get out. It's in the back.

#54 Brass Pocket Sundial

On an island with a sunken shipwreck. It is under water.

#55 Silver and Wook Tankard

Next to the tied up skelleton at the tower island.

#56 Persian Silver Pen Box

At the beach side of the tower island, there is a little cave.

#57 Panamanian Pendant

At the back of the tower island, there is a tiny beach. The treasure is there.

#58 Persian Leather Notebook Case

On the main Island, there are some ledges you can reach when parking the boat next to them.

#59 Deccani Bronze Spouted Bowl

On the main Island, in the big center green area to the right.

#60 Mughal Elephant Carving

In the area with the arches, that remind Nate of the St. Dismas cathedral. On the roof of one of these arch buildings, there is a entrance into a cave.

#61 Ottoman Helmet

Inside the tower above the area with the arches.

#62 Deccani Bronze Vase

When you swing off the tower, don't go on the mud slide, climb over to the left.

#63 Strange Relic

After the mud slide, go to the left and climb up at the left side. On top look over the big gap to the other side. There is a bird bath. Run towards the gap, jump and use the rope point in mid air to swing over.

#64 Hamsa Mythical Goose

Climbing down into the cistern. After the first statue swing, you swing over to the second statue. But climb up to the statue's feet.

#65 Pique Tortoise Shell Box

Down at the cistern, there is a small room with a waterpool. Swim across.

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