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ALL TREASURES & GUIDE | Uncharted 4 | Chapter 11 | Hidden in Plain Sight

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- 11 -
Hidden in Plain Sight

In the market area pick up Treasure #48 and Treasure #49
Go to the tower and climb in through the window.
When you're in, pick up Treasure #50.
Interact with the center.
The bells need to be stoke in following order:
Scorpio, Aquarius, Leo, Taurus
At the end, the big one at the top.
Treasure #51 is here.

Then climb down and go see what has opened at the bottom.
Treasure #52 is in the rubble.
Interact with the device in the center and turn the symbols so the half stars fit together.
Go into the next buiding and find the star squares in the paintings.

Turn the symbols so that the stars match.
A new door opens, go through and get the stars off the paintings.

Return to the device and fit the stars.
Go through the next door. Documents the stars. I did it from left to right.

Then go back and put the stars together with the symbols.

Then the big hostile chase starts.
Goal is, to reach Sam. Jump trucks, cars, shoot, etc...


#48 Earthenware Mug

In the alley behind the building with the green shutters right at the start.

#49 "Antique" Compass

Haggle 3x with the shop keeper to buy it.

#50 Nephrite and Jade Bowl

In the tower, ground level. At the base of a statue.

#51 Ivory Handle Dagger

Climb above the big bell. The treasure is on one of the balconies.

#52 Brass Globe Hand Warmer

In the rubble at the bottom.

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