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ALL TREASURES & GUIDE | Uncharted 4 | Chapter 10 | The Twelve Towers

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- 10 -
The Twelve Towers

Treasure #33 is here.
Drive down into the river.
Treasure #34 is nearby.
Drive under the bridge.
You can go up on the right side and cross the bridge.
Drive upwards. Look out for stones to drive on
... or tire tracks.

Continue to follow the tracks upwards
Until you reach a tower. Treasure #35 is here.
Investigate the dragon symbol.
Attach the winch to the tree, drive up, remove the winch.

In the next valley Treasure #36 is at the first ruins you see.
Further ahead is Treasure #37 in a little cave.
Drive to the right to get to the hostile area. Clear it.
The bridge collapses, when you drive over. Pull both supports with the winch so you can drive up.
As you continue up, you'll get to a broken house. Treasure #38 is here.
Continue to the next valley.

This is the 3rd valley. The one with the big tower.
Treasure #39 is inside the building to the left.
Then drive to the right. You should see ruins and a well soon. Treasure #40 is here.
Continue the drive up towards the tower. Before you drive to the next hostile area.
Treasure #41 is here
Blow up the barricaded opening. Treasure #42 is here.
At another hostile area there is Treasure #43.

Now drive up to the tower. Treasure #44 is here.
Drive on. You should get to the drawbridge.
Climb the tower and push down the box. Push it to fix the staircase and reach the crank.
Defeat the hostiles, lower the drawbridge.
Drive on.

Now you should reach big stairs in the mud.
Take the winch and put it around the tree.
Then drive up, survive and full speed jump over the bridge to reach the big tower.
Treasure #45 is here.
Open the big wooden door, move the shelf away.
Blow up the brick wall with explosives.

Go through and reach the inside of the tower. Open the gate with the crank. Go into the next room.
Look at the wall at the back.
After the cutscene, hostiles will attack.
Defeat them.


#33 Sawasa Ware Tobacco Box

In the first ruins you come across. Climb up at the side.

#34 Eroded Flintlock Pistol

There is a cave behind a waterfall before you reach the bridge. Get in, pull the box and use it to climb up to the treasure.

#35 Mughal Ivory Powder Flask

In the tower with the dragon symbol. At the top.

#36 Parchment Scroll

After the first tower with the winch, these are the first ruins you come across. The treasure is on the box.

#37 Ancient Fertility Idol

When you follow the road, you'll see a rock with a hole. Sam will say: Nate, check out that cave. Climb inside.

#38 Pocket Celestial Map

After the hostile area, in the second valley, there is a ruined house up the road.

#39 English Ale Bottle

In the third valley, the one with the big tower, there is a house to the left. Right at the start of the valley.
Drive the car to the wall, so you can climb it. Blow off the roof and climb inside.

#40 Pewter Letter Cylinder

Drive towards the tower, you should see ruins and a well next to the road/path. Climb down the well and take the winch with you. Attach it to the pillar to be able to climb up a little chamber.

#41 Mughal Box

Before you reach the next hostile area in the top left, drive up the hill on the left side. There are some ruins.

#42 English Musket Bandolier

In the second hostile area, below the big tower, there is a barricaded entrance in the center of the area. Blow it up and climb down.

#43 Antique Tea Tin

Another hostile area at the bottom of the volcano. This one with a big door. Blow it up to get to the treasure.

#44 Scottish Two Pence Coin

On top of the lookout tower.

#45 Scottish Snuff Mull

Outside of the 3rd (big) tower, before you go in. It is sitting on some crates.

#46 Brass and Ivory Tankard

After opening the gate with the crank in tower 3. In the next room with the staircase. The treasure is behind some boxes.

#47 Muff Pistol

Same room as 46. Destory the crates in the corner.

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