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The Mercado Building | Ghostbusters 2016 Story Pack | LEGO Dimensions

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Minikits in order as they appear:


Minikit 1 ( 00:07 )
Use Patty with her Orange Strength Handles ability on the Elevator to the right.

Minikit 2 (00:20 )
Use Sonar Smash on the glass display at the back on the right side.

Minikit 3 ( 00:28 )
Upstairs to the left, use the BMO to play and win the game.

Minikit 4 ( 01:01 )
Light and destroy the 4 lamps on every brown pillar at hold the hotel roof.


Minikit 5 ( 01:26 )
Use the drone on the Drone Maze to the left of the room.

Minikit 6 ( 01:48 )
To the right, at the pink sparkles, use Relic Detector and build a Technology panel. Use Technology and then Fix-it.

Minikit 7 ( 02:20 )
For the last Minikits and the Rescue, get Chell with her Portal Gun to shoot at the white panel next to that blue portal behind bars at the top left and shoot at the white panel at the room entrance. Enter the portal.

Use Diffindo to cut the red wall and build the device.

Minikit 8 ( 03:27 )
Solve the Portal puzzles to get to the other side past the force field and summon the Gyrosphere to use it on the platform

Minikit 9 ( 03:55 )
Use boomerang so the lid opens and get the Minikit behind it.

Minikit 10 ( 04:10 )
Push the button at the bottom right, so the shutters open at the far back. Get over there and it the nice cake...

Rescue ( 04:36 )
Fly over to the top right and push the button

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