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The Battle for Times Square | Ghostbusters 2016 Story Pack | LEGO Dimensions

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Minikits in order as they appear:

Ghosts from Our Past

Minikit 1 ( 00:07 )
Use grapple at the cinema to get to the top, then boomerang to get the Minikit underneath the statue.

Minikit 2 ( 00:25 )
Use Silver Lego Blowup on the toilet door. Activate the Lego Dimensions Device and find the hidden object. Don't catch the ghosts in the back yet, otherwise the story continues when you go near.

Minikit 3 ( 01:26 )
Use a flying vehicle and the flight dock ability.

Gertrude, Sparky, Mayhem, oh my!

Minikit 4 ( 02:26 )
Use Relic Detector at the sparcles next to the shop window. Stand on the button.

Minikit 5 ( 02:45 )
Shoot 5 Wanted Posters in the area.

Minikit 6 ( 03:03 )
Drill trough the wall at the building.

Minikit 7 ( 03:16 )
Use Vine Cut to get inside the flower shop.
Inside, use Growth at the earth patch to the left. The plant grows. Use the bottle on the floor with Magic on the plant. Took various tries for me to work...

Minikit 8 ( 04:08 )
Still in the flower shop, destroy everything to the right and build a ghost containment. Use it with someone who can Suspend Ghost

Minikit 9 ( 04:41 )
Use Finn's Sword Switch at the shutters at the back.

Rescue ( 05:04 )
Still in the flower shop, use Fuse Box to rescue.

Minikit 10 ( 05:24 )
Use the Orange Super Strength Handles in the back left to open the door.

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