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All Unknown ECHOs Locations Guide | The Division 2

March 11th 2019

There are 5 Unknown ECHOs in Washington. Here's where they are:

1 | Recon

This echo is in a small garden west of the White House.

2 | Coffee | Video Time 1:27

This echo is inside the restaurant at Downtown East, right at the border to White House.

3 | Secret Service | Video Time 2:46

This ECHO is at the White House map.
West of the White House is a building with a garage. You see a truck in front of it where the entrance is. Go inside. The ECHO is in the middle of the building.

4 | Network Sabotage | Video Time 3:56

The Artwork is at West Potomac Park.
There is a house you can climb into. Inside, take the stairs down and open the door. Another stairs down and there is the ECHO.

5 | Interrogation | Video Time 5:01

This ECHO at Southwest.
It's in a garage west of The Choke Control Point.

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