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All Shay Comms Location

Started: March 13th 2019

There are 8 Shay Comms in Washington. Here's where they are:

1 | Refugee Camp

The Comm is at West End.
West of the Riverside Gas Station Control Point in a Truck.

2 | Reflective

The Comm is at Judiciaty Square.
It's close to the SHD Cache. Shoot the gate open from the road, take the ladder to the cache. Then, open the door and go up the ladder to the comm.

3 | Making a Difference

The Comm is at Judiciaty Square.
It's in the south, outside of the big building.

4 | Reflective

The Comm is at East Mall. East from the Dark Zone Recon Mission is a manhole, where the comms is on the floor. The Dark Zone Recon Mission will guide you to it.

5 | Capital Station

The Comm is at West Potomac Park.
There is a spot you can climb up the Restricted Access wall. It's west from the comm spot shown on the map.

6 | Haunted

The Comm is at Southwest. Enter at the east side of the Contaminated Zone Building (Parts Resource Node). It's on the first floor.

--- Follow Camzillasmom's Steam Curator ---

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