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All New York Comms Location

Started: March 11th 2019

There are 8 New York Comms in Washington. Here's where they are:

1 | NYC Crew

The Comm is at Downtown West. Best thing to do is follow the SHD Cache Navigation to an alley with a wired fence at the end. You can climb over it. On the other side, shoot the lock to get inside. On the other side is the Comm next to the SHD Cache.

2 | Update: Cleaners

The Comm is at Constitution Hall.
Enter the building through a window at ground floor. Inside, interact with the doors on the other side to trigger the fire alarm. The doors will open and you can go upstairs. In the corridor, exit through the window to get to the terrace.

3 | Update: Virus

The Comm is at East Mall. South of the Crash Site Control Point is the Botanical Garden. Go into the children's garden to get it.

4 | Update: Keener

The Comm is at the north eastern part of Judiciary Square at an SHD Cache location.

5 | Turning Point

The Comm is at Downtown East inside the building at the border to Judiciary Square and the Stronghold.

6 | Update: LMB

The Comm is at West End.
At main road side, you can climb up a ladder onto a small roof and climb into an apartment.

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