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All Hyenas Comms Locations Guide | The Division 2

March 11th 2019

There are 10 Hyenas Comms in Washington. Here's where they are:

1 | Pinata Party

When leaving the White House heading to the Theatre Settlement, there is a little stand with a chair right at the map border.

2 | Missing Prisoners | Video Time 00:35

The comm is at Downtown East. In the street in front of the dumpster.

3 | Runners | Video Time 00:56

At the roadside, climb up a scaffolding. Up there it is on the floor.

4 | Heavy Load | Video Time 01:24

The comm is North East from the Safe House at Downtown East at the Water Resource Node. Go up the stairs, it is on the platform.

5 | First Council Meeting | Video Time 01:50

The comm is at Federal Triangle inside the Navy Plaza Control Point. It's in the corridor to the Supply Room.

6 | Spice Instructions | Video Time 02:19

The comm is at Judiciary Square.
Enter the alley from the road side. You should see a truck. When you look up there is also a ladder going up to the roof.
Climb up the truck and take that ladder up to get the comm.

7 | Special Shipment | Video Time 02:56

The comm is at Downtown East.
It's in a garage close to the stronghold entrance.

8 | Restructuring | 03:33

The Comm is at Judiciary Square.
Go inside the alley and shoot the lock of the fenced off area to get it.

9 | Economics | Video Time 04:13

The Comm is at Downtown East, inside the building next to a vending machine.

10 | Assets | Video Time 04:56

The Comm is at Downtown West. Inside the alley you can climb up the truck and get to this little roof.
Complete Bank Headquarters to decrypt.

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