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All Government Comms Locations

Started: March 11th 2019

There are 13 Government Comms in Washington. Here's where they are:

1 | Black Friday Briefing

This comm is at the basketball field south of the White House. There is a small path you can follow to a gate with a lock. Shoot the lock to enter the court.

2 | Directive 51

It's on a table of the West Wing in the White House.

3 | Border Control

In Oval Office of the White House. On the desk.

4 | DC-62 Trials

This Comm is at West End in the south, near the Potomac Relief Camp Side Mission start.

5 | 25th Amendment

This comm can be found outside at the north entrance of the White House.

6 | Bipartisan Support

In the White House Area, South West of the White House are many chairs in a small park with a monument. Here's the Comm on the floor.

7 | Aides Assemble

In the White House Area, East of the White House. Go up the stairs of the building. The Comm is on the floor next to a plant pot.

8 | Raven Rock

This comm can be found in the far north of the White House area. It's in an alley on the floor.

9 | Possible Subterfuge

At the West Wing Garden on a table.

10 | Essential Evacuation

This Comm is at West Potomac Park.
When you do the "Medical Camp Attack" Mission, the comm is in the component search zone.

11 | Black Box

The Comm is at East Mall. It's at the Control Point "Crash Site" in the cargo hold of the plane.

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