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Founding Fathers Artifacts Locations

March 11th 2019

There are 7 Founding Fathers Artifacts in Washington. Here's where they are:

1 | Benjamin Franklin

The Collectible is at the East Mall area.
Enter the Contaminated Area south of the Metro Ruins Control Point. It's on the first floor, when coming up through the elevator, follow the corridor into the office to the left. Don't go out of the window yet...

2 | George Washington | Video Time 00:25

The Collectible is in the White House Area.
There is a House in the north with an alley at the back. Go inside that alley, from here you can climb up into the house to get the Founding Father Painting.

3 | James Madison | Video Time 01:24

The Collectible is West End in the garage of the building.

4 | John Adams | Video Time 01:53

The Collectible is at Downtown West, inside a building east of the Toxic Alley Control Point

5 | John Jay | Video Time 02:18

The Comm is at Foggy Bottom.
Climb onto a roof and down here from the east.

6 | Thomas Jefferson | Video Time 03:05

The Collectible is at Constitution Hall.
Open the door to the building from the northern side and go in.

7 | Alexander Hamilton | Video Time 03:38

The Collectible is at West Potomac Park at ground level at the container structure.

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