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All Factions ECHOs Locations Guide | The Division 2

March 11th 2019

There are 11 Factions ECHOs in Washington. Here's where they are:

1 | Agent Down

This echo is in the North West Corner of Downtown East.

2 | Job Offer

This echo is north of Downtown East, next to a Water Resource Node.

3 | Felony Murder

This echo is at Downtown East. South West of the Settlement, right at the border to Federal Triangle.

4 | The Last Supper

This echo is at Constitution Hall.
North of the Ivy Tunnel Control Point, right at the border to Downtown West.
Enter the building through the north entrance and go upstairs into an apartment.

5 | True Sons Trial

This echo is at East Mall. Right east of the Metro Ruins Control Point near the main road.

6 | Lessons

This Echo is at West End.
At a little courtyard north west of the Overgrowth Control Point.

7 | Division Agents

This Echo is at Foggy Bottom, south east of the Sleeping Giant Control Point

8 | Promotion

This Echo is at Federal Triangle, north west of the Safe House - inside a building.

9 | The Stash

This echo is at the eastern part of Federal Triangle. North West of the ViewPoint Museum Main Mission.

10 | Frisk

This ECHO is at the north western part of Constitution Hall.
If you're coming from the south, you can climb over a truck to get to the ECHO. Access from the north is a bit easier.

11 | Under Arrest

This ECHO is at West Potomac Park, north west of the Washington Monument Control Point.

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