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All Division Comms Location

Started: March 11th 2019

There are 10 Division Comms in Washington. Here's where they are:

1 | Kelso Recruitment

The Comm is at West Potomac Park at the eastern platform of the Washington Monument Control Point.

2 | Broad-Spectrum Antiviral

The Comm is in the White House Area. South East of the White House at the border to Constitution Hall is an area full of tents. The Comm is in the first tent when coming from the road.

3 | Theater Recruitment

The Comm is at East Mall. It is at a little camp site at the pond in the west.

4 | Agent AWOL

The Comm is at Foggy Bottom.
Climb onto a roof and down here from the east.

5 | Sawyer's Separated

The Comm is at Downtown East.
From the road, go inside the alley. Then shoot the lock of the fenced off area.

6 | Sawyer's Reunited

The Comm at Downtown East. East from the MLK Memorial LIbrary Control Point is an alley. Shoot the lock to get in. The Comm is on the floor next to some matresses.

7 | Odessa Recruited

The Comm at Federal Triangle. If you walk north from the Control Point Navy Plaza, you will see scaffolding and a ladder. Climb up. Here you can climb into an apartment.

8 | Priority Target: Amherst (Update)

The Comm is at Downtown East, south east of the Fallen Cranes Control Point.
Jump through the window at ground level and go up the stairs when you're inside. The door to a little room is locket, but you can shoot it through the wall to get inside.

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